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Two days of intensive traditional ceramic training at @ILoveToCreate with #davidhoff learning a lot so I can turn around and it teach on my blog and in classeS! #ceramics (at Duncan Ceramics)

Come follow me on Vine! You can see goofy things like this! @craftychica is my handle! #lipstick (at Duncan Ceramics)

Sneak peek of my temporary tattoos coming to Michaels stores this September! #craftychica

Focus on the blessings! #doodle #happy #craftychica

#Watercolor for days!

3rd hotel in a week. I like to doodle in my journal at night to pass the time! #doodle #watercolor

Getting ready for our session! #blogher14 #diy (at Blogher 2014)

I barely got here and am already on stimulation overload, in a good way! #blogher14 (at Blogher 2014)

I’m here! #blogher15 #selfiebration